Welfare Party of India with deep anguish held Modi government responsible for the mismanagement of Covid which has led to a sharp rise in the corona virus cases

Press Conference Welfare Party of India

New Delhi, 1st, May 2021, Welfare Party of India with deep anguish held Modi government responsible for the mismanagement of Covid which has led to a sharp rise in the corona virus cases in the second wave with new strains leading to health emergency in the country.

The unfolding tragedy with Indian citizens dying and the denial of right to access health care, with dire shortage of oxygen, crucial medicines is nothing less than genocide carried out by the State on its own citizens.

It is shocking that a year since the virus was detected the government did too little and too late to improve the production of essential medicines, vaccine and oxygen reserve leading the impending crises to go out of control costing heavily on human lives.

The Modi government’s misplaced priorities holding huge rallies and permitting Kumbh Mela with the gathering of lakhs of people has led to exponential rise in the Covid cases and the apathy of the government which is in denial mood is unpardonable.

The Modi government’s centralisation of authority in decision making and negating the role of the states is against the federal policy and has further escalated the crises.

Accountability and Transparency of the government is integral to democracy, the PM care fund should be brought under the ambit of the Right to Information Act.

The responsibility should be fixed on the democratic institutions the Supreme court of India and the Election Commission of India for negligence of duty and for fecilitating the irresponsible behaviour of the government.

The impending lockdown may once again escalate the problems of the migrant workers and suitable corrective measures should be taken in time.

The deterioration of economy is predicted is this lockdown and steps should be taken to help the small and medium enterprises from facing the burnt of the lockdown and money should be distributed to the poor citizens to buy the essential commodities.

A national plan should be implemented throughout the Nation and attention given to meet the essential heath care and to check on the spread of the pandemic and the mortality rate involving all opposition parties and state governments to collectively fight this pendemic.

We urge all social , religious and charity organisations to come forward and do the needful during this National Calamity.

*Our Charter of Demands*

Declare the covid pendemic as a National Calamity.

The failure of the administration leading to the health hazard cannot be overlooked and holds Prime Minister accountable and demands his resignation.

Compensation be given to the next to kin of those who lost their lives to Covid 19 due to government’s apathy and mismanagement.

Free Vaccine should be made available to all the citizens.

Employment and financial assistance should be provided to all the poor and marginalized sections of the society who lost their livelihood in the lockdowns.

Black marketeers who are hoarding and selling medicine and oxygen at exorbitant price should be severally punished

Private Hospital who are making huge profits at the cost of this human tragedy, their licence should be cancelled.

Addressed by:
* Dr. S. Q. R. Ilyas
National President WPI
* Sheema Mohsin
National General Secretary
* Subramani Armugam
National General Secretary

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