So Little Alone, So Much TOGETHER

So Little Alone, So Much TOGETHER

*Minutes of The Meeting Held at Hajj House on Friday 30th July, 2021*

Meeting started with the recitation of Quran followed by a short Introduction and context by Mufti Ashfaq Kazi.

Different challenges and action taken by different organisations were discussed
1️⃣ *Burhanuddin Sahab*
▶️ Dam was not properly managed that’s why it is a man-made disaster
▶️ The process should be
A) 5 Days Rescue
B) 10 Days Relief
C) 15 Days Rehab
▶️ No need of Food item, water, bedsheet, used clothing etc, it will not benefit right now
▶️ NGOs should coordinate with each other
▶️ Create a Priority List
▶️ Focus on Planning the rehabilitation
▶️ Service is necessary

2⃣ *BHAI Khaleed Ahmed Sahab*
▶️ Small scale business should be established
▶️ Both side should be in touch Mumbai as well as the impacted areas

3⃣ *Abu Yahya Moin Samar Sahab*
(Be Human Foundation)
▶️ Take the help of local police and Panchnama

4⃣ *Mr. Shoaib Khateeb*
( Jama Masjid Bombay Trust )
▶️ We must utilise Masjid for other works and not just Namaz
▶️ Make masjid the the centre of all the social & welfare work

5⃣ *Brother Abdul Aziz Mahate*
(Kokand Muslim guild)
▶️ Make federation in Kokanies …
▶️ Have a central body to consolidate all the efforts.
▶️ every NGO works with their names and label but in synergy with the alignment of Central body

6⃣ *Dr.Moutasim Solkar*
▶️ Duplication of work should *STOP*
▶️ Resources are getting wasted

7⃣ *1-Maulana Ilyas Baghdadi from Chiplun, 2-Principal Mubashir Jamandar from Mashala, 3-Mufti Rafiq Porkar from Mahad, President of Anjuman Dardmandan e taleem w taraqqi *, gave details of local releif work going on, while *Iqbal Vanu from Kuwait, Sufyan Chefkar from Saudi Arabia, Akhtar Khan from Muscat* .and others gave very important and valuable advice.

8️⃣ *Mr. Khalid Parkar* narrated in detail of the damage caused to people’s homes and businesses, he started weeping profusely.

9️⃣ *Prof. Zakir Elahi Sahab*
▶️ A ground level survey should be conducted to find out what are the obstacles in the education of school and college children,
▶️ Also which boys’ and girls’ marriages have been affected…

1️⃣0️⃣ *Sheikh Abdul Jalil Makki from jamiat e Ahl e Hadees and Maulana Qasim Sahib of Al-Samad Public Trust, Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind* also participated in this consultative meeting.

1️⃣1️⃣ Towards the end of the session, *Dr. Azeem-ud-Din Sahib* gave a very valuable advise
that whenever the relief items are requested, the date should be specified with it.
1️⃣2️⃣ Brothers like *Sufiyan Gigani, Musab Siddiqui & Ibrahim Bobere* had visited the effected areas and shared their experiences.

1️⃣3️⃣ *Brother Muazzam Nakhwa* also gave some valuable advices on how to relief work

1️⃣4⃣ *Brother Zameer Qadri*
( Kokan Hajj Committee )
also shared his on the ground experience and has extended unconditional support for the collaborative support

1️⃣5⃣ *Mr. Nayyar Shaban Sahib* advised that few central committees should be formed through mutual consultation.

(1). *Fund Committee:*
The committee would guide people on how the funds should be utilized. This committe will include Maulana Mahmood Daryabadi, Mufti Abdul Ahad Falahi, Bhai Khalil Ahmed , Abdul Aziz Mahate and Suhaib Goplani.

(2). *Survey Committee:*
will include Khalid Parkar Sahib, Sufyan Gigani Sahib, Musab Siddiqui and Ali Bhujani from Chiplun.

(3) *Social Media Team:*
The team will include Yousuf Sheikh, Sufyan Gigani and Osama Khalil Ahmed Memon

Mufti Mohammad Ashfaq Qazi Sahib said that today’s meeting was the initial step for bringing all the NGOs, Trust, Individuals under same roof, so a collective and collaborative relief work can be carried out. He thanked the audience and requested everyone for join hands and revive the Brotherhood & Unity of Madinah *( MUWAKHAT E MADINA)* in times of distress and calamity.

The session Concluded with the Mutual consent that next session would be held on
*5th of August* 3pm at the *Hajj House mumbai* itself.
Jazakallahu khairan kaseera

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