Organizing a wonderful seminar on education and training by Safa Educational Welfare Trust at Thana Bhavan.

Organizing a wonderful seminar on education and training by Safa Educational Welfare Trust at Thana Bhavan.
Zishan Kazmi.journalist.
Jalalabad, Shamli.Utter predesh.
According to the information received, a great seminar was organized on the subject of education of children and responsibilities of parents in Safa School organized by Safa Educational Welfare Trust located at Shamli town police station building. In which the social workers, teachers and intellectuals of the town and the region took part. The program was presided over by Maulana Yameen, the successful operation was conducted by the Head of Safa Group Deenayat Department, Maulana Zafirul Islam Nadvi.
With the help of Safa Educational and Welfare Trust, a wonderful seminar was organized in Safa School on the subject of children’s education rites and responsibilities of parents. Throwing light in detail in the seminar, Adil Khan, Senior Teacher and English Spokesperson of Lala Lajpat Rai Inter College .said in his address that today’s children are the future builders of tomorrow. By making them educated, cultured, we can serve the society and the nation. While highlighting the importance of education, teacher, especially drawing the attention of the people of Muslim community, he said, along with Dini Taleem, play your part on getting worldly education, this process should continue to grow to a higher level. Always keep planting elm plant.
They are covered for thousands of miles. The benefits of training keep on getting till the last breath. He highlighted the importance of education and gave the example of the country of Japan, when Japan was destroyed by an atomic bomb, the Japanese city of Nagasaki was completely ruined. Development in Japan stopped for years, but the Japanese did not give up, facing the situation without being disappointed, the Japanese focused hard work, effort, education and technical, science, etc., while emphasizing unity. Today, Japan is there in front of you, there is a very wonderful lesson, those who do bad to us, they should be ignored, contribute to strengthen the society and the nation with the ability of your education, science, technical etc.
.Ability to strengthen society and nation
Contribute to making City Panchayat President of Jalalabad, Chaudhry Abdul Ghaffar, winning the hearts of everyone with his brilliant thoughts, he said that Prophet Mohammad Saheb said, achieve knowledge even if you have to go to the country China. Most of our children have been left in the matter of getting education, while with the passage of time, it is necessary to acquire knowledge which is the need of the hour. Make your children cultured for worldly education along with dili education.
Praising this training mission of Safa Educational Welfare Trust, he said, “Get education from primary level to higher level.
Rao Jamshed said that the need of the hour is to open such schools of education where children become educated and cultured and illuminate the society.
Maulana Mufassir Murtaza Nadvi, Chairman of the Safa Educational and Welfare Trust, while highlighting the contribution made by the Trust in the education sector, said that the purpose of bringing Safa School into existence in the Thana Bhawan is to make the children start with Dini, worldly education Tehzeeb Akhlaq, The cultured quality is to impart education. So that these children can become educated and contribute in the service of society and country.
Key speaker in the program Mohammad Adil Khan Senior Teacher English Spokesperson Lala Lajpat Rai Inter College. Maulana Zafarul Islam Nadvi. Maulana Yamin .Jamshed Rao, Mo Shueb, Mufti Arif, Nadeem Nadvi, Dr. Tohid, etc. addressed the seminar on children’s education and values and our responsibilities. .
The program was mainly attended by member and prominent social worker Wasim Tyagi .Shahzad Sahil, Master Tauheed. Firoz Khan. Shamsher Khan .Nadeem Rao. Chaudhary Nadeem Ahmed, Furqan Ahmed, Naseem Rahi, Zishan Kazmi, Mo Rashid, Dr. Tohid, Dilshad Ahmed, Jabir Rao, Faisal Malik, Ahmed Faraz, etc. were present. Due to rain due to the seminar, the arrangements were disrupted, for which the organizers thanked all the guests who came with an apology.

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