One Day Workshop at Roorkee Degree College Roorkee Career and Solutions* Great organization of the seminar.

One Day Workshop at Roorkee Degree College Roorkee Career and Solutions*
Great organization of the seminar.
Roorkee, Haridwar.uttrakhand,

* Have faith in mind, student to be successful
It is very important to have a goal in life
is, the path that comes in the way to achieve that goal.face challenges, persevere

Determination paves your way, like this
Success only for students with determination
The floor waits for him*
This speech was organized in Roorkee Degree College
Professor, Dr. Tanveer chishti, in one day workshop
Chishti expressed. According to the information received in Uttarakhand state
District Haridwar, Education city Roorkee area Latherdeva
Sith, Roorkee Degree College and Indian Science Joint of Congress Association Haridwar Chapter
| Under the aegis of Roorkee Degree College, in the auditorium
One Day, Career, Opportunity Unities, In
Government Sector, Challenges and Solutions* Title
Well organized workshop under
Gaya, in which academicians made students’ careers
Provide useful information, guidance
It boosted their enthusiasm.
This one day workshop, Academician, Prof.
Late Shri Kamaluddin, Ex-Head of Chemicals
In memory of Science, Department I, IT, Roorkee
were held.
Dr. Tanzeem Ali, chief guest at the workshop,
The Finance Director was Drinking Water Corporation, Dehradun. Success
Operations, Assistant Professor, SSJ Vishwas
Vidyalaya, Almora, by Dr. Neelam.
Flowers and garlands of guests in the workshop
He was welcomed with a shawl. program
In the beginning of the year, the manager Dr. Shahroj Ali, Roorkee
Light on the establishment, purpose, of the degree college
Putting up, Academician Prof. Late Shri Kamaluddin His life, and his source of inspiration in the field of education
Contribution explained in detail.
Special guest Dr. Manju Dhiman Professor Tanveer Chishti Mohd. Shoaib Child Development Officer
Roorkee, Dr. Shahroj Ali Deputy Manager
Unpaid Doctor Srivastava Deepak Srivastava
The principal in charge was Haji Liaquat Ali etc.
The main objective of the seminar is to solve the business problems of the students studying in the college and to
Strive for business development
as key speakers on the occasion
Experts serving in the state and private sector
| By your brilliant knowledgeable on this subject
Guiding ideas to students
benefited. as subject matter expert
Dr. Tanzeem Ali, Finance Director Drinking Water CorporationDehradun, Dr. Manjul Dhiman, Associate Professor
MD PG of Department of Botany
College Roorkee, Mohammad Adil Qureshi Assistant
Professor Government College Devprayag,
Tasvvoor Ali, Private Sector Development Expert,
Dr. Sanjeev Lama, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy
Department, Guru Kul Kangri University, Dr.
Hitendra Singh, Associate Professor Chemistry
Department Sri Dev Suman University Rishikesh
Campus, Wasim Fateh, Burman College, Pharmacy
Department, Assistant Professor gave the students
business selection and preparation
Guidelines and advice on important aspects
be provided.
On this occasion, students put their doubts in front of the subject expert and earned useful benefit of their solution knowledge. A vocational awareness quiz was also organized on the occasion, which increased the intellectual development of the students and for excellent performance Afsha Bano, Falak Naaz, M Fatima Laiba, Iram Jahan, Saliha Kazmi, etc. were awarded with certificates. In this workshop Haji Liaquat Ali, Dr. Tanveer Alam, Mohammad Salim, Javed Ali, Naved Ali, Dr. Deepak Srivastava, Jishan Kazmi, Trisha Amrish, Sakshidhiman, youth social worker Qazi Khalid, Urvashi Amrish, Mo Irshad, Mo Afzal, Mukamal Ali, Taimur Ahmed, etc.
Key people are involved.

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