Goa-Tiny Rozedar feted at Jamia Masjid

Valpoi (Goa)
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On the occasion of Eid fest all the tiny Todds who had kept fast for the entire month of Ramazan have been honored by the management of Jama Masjid Valpoi.
Shaikh Afrin Arif age 4, Shaikh Afsheen Arif age 5, Rayyan Abid Shaikh 9, Humera Mubarak Shaikh 9, Shaikh Izma Imran 6, Khan Zaheen Zamir 7, Khatija Yasin Dodamani 8, Khan Rifa Assad 9, Shaikh Sabir Sinan 9, Beig Kamaal Kadar 9, Shaikh Mizan Nooruddin 9, Shaikh Sawfan Bilal 9, Umakhansa Mohammed Jafar 9, Sayyed Nawaz Ahmed 10, Sayed Afna Haadi.
Imam of Valpoi Jama Masjid Hafiz Qiyamoddin Aga said stated that we want to instill our children the spirit of Ramadan so that when fasting is eventually compulsory for the kids, they can easily manage Ramadan.
However, fasting from sunrise to sunset for a 14 hours a day is a long time for a starter and parents need to prepare their children before Ramadan fasting becomes incumbent on them. Fasting becomes incumbent on girls and boys when they reach puberty. Therefore, Muslim families should begin to prepare their children for fasting before it’s required, so the task doesn’t seem quite so difficult when the time arrives. Hafiz Qiyamoddin added.
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