Covid 19 and it’s faulty treatment. Eye Opener.

Covid 19 and it’s faulty treatment. Eye Opener.

Shamsher khan Pathan. ACP Retired.

Covid 19 cases  are getting worst day by day. We are increasing by almost one lakh daily as per official records. But study shows that actually daily increase is more than 3 lakhs. Most of them treating themselves it at home and recovering.

The most dangerous thing which I noticed,which no one must have noticed.

Hospitals are supposed to be the life saving centres. But on experience I says that they only could save life of patients who at preliminary stage or asymptomatic. But are unable to save life of 90% patients who are critical. The reasons are below.

1. Once a semi critical patient goes to hospital, they take atleast 2 to 3 days to diagnose Covid because they don’t have kits to diagnose and swabs to Mumbai. These 2 or 3 days are very important. Because if not treated properly lungs gets more infected very fast and till report comes, patient requires oxygen from outsource as he is unable to breath to get required oxygen for survival.

2. After 2 to 3 days Covid report comes and doctors starts giving life saving drugs and use of ventilators.

3. Use of life saving drug is like “Life taking drugs”. You must be surprised on this. But what I noticed that maximum doctors dont know how much life saving drugs be given to patient for survival or recovery ? They are  pumping huge quantity of such life saving drugs which gives side effects and condition of Patient gets most detroiting than recovery of Heath. After 2 days the patient who breaths himself goes on ventilator.

2. But one should know that ventilator is nothing but artificial breathing. If patient is unconscious,than ventilator works smoothly. But in case of conscious patient, it’s very difficult to provide him oxygen from Ventilator. Because patient got their own frequency of breathing and outside oxygen source must match with it. But I noticed that while applying outside source of oxygen, ventilators are fixed by nurses or ward boy who don’t have knowledge of it. If frequency of oxygen pumping source don’t match with natural breathing, than patient gets suffocation and try to remove outside source. But these nurses and ward boy don’t have technical knowledge and are forcibly fixing ventilator and if patient resists they tied his hand and legs with bandage. And after sometimes patient expires.

(Dear friend mine is practical experience. My elder brother aged 75 expired before 2 days At Government hospital at Nashik. My above points are on basis of my personal information😢)

Government must look into it very seriously and must act in time to save lives of people by life saving apparatus and life saving medicines before it turn into life taking apparatus and life takin drugs/medicines.🙏🙏

Pl Share this comments to all to reach government and all doctors.


Shamsher khan Pathan.

ACP Retired.




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