All India Milli Council Maharashtra Unit restructured. Moulana Syed Atahar Ali was elected as the President of Maharashtra unit, Moulana Shahid Nasiri Al Hanafi as Vice President and Shaikh Nizamuddin as General Secretary. The new state body will start functioning to further strengthen the organisation in Maharashtra.

Mumbai, Aamna Samna Media
In an important meeting of All India Milli Council in Mumbai, in Jogeshwari at Mumbai Media Centre Office on 22 July 2018, the organisation took some important decisions.

The meeting was attended by Moulana Syed Mustafa Rifai Jilanee, Asst. Gen. Secretary of All India Milli Council and the organisation’s central working committee members, Mufti Syed BaqarArshad Qasmi Sahab, Moulana Syed Atahar Ali Saheb, Janab Majid Khan saheb from Gujarat, Syed Shahid Sahab from Banglore apart from Rashid Azim, President of Mumbai unit, Mufti Inamullah Alig, Mohammed Atiq ur Rehman, Hasan Shaikh, Engineer Arif Fayazi, Dr. Bashar Usmani, Kaleem Razak miyan, Shamim Rehan Nadvi, RazIrani, Ms. Shahin Patel, Ms Irfana Inamdar and other members of state and Mumbai units.

The meeting was presided by Moulana Syed Mustafa Rifaisahab.and conducted by Mumbai Unit President Rashid Azim.

Initially the gathering paid condolences and made dua e maghfira for departed souls, Hazrat Akhtar Raza Azhari Miyan, Moulana Mohammed Saalim Qasmi, Azrat Mufti Abdullah Kakori and Hazrat Qari Tayyab sahib.

At Mufti Syed Bakar, Moulana Syed Atahar Ali explained the objectives of the organisation and the intention of the central working committee to strengthen the state units.

After listening to various speakers and opinions, Moulana Syed Mustafa Rifai Sahab, after detailed consultations, declared that the state unit of All India Milli Council stands dissolved. A new state body was elected unanimously to carry forward the activities of All India Milli Council in state of Maharashtra.

Subsequently, Moulana Syed Atahar Ali was elected as the President of Maharashtra unit, MoulanaShahid Nasiri AlHanafi as Vice President and Shaikh Nizamuddin as General Secretary. The new state body will start functioning to further strengthen the organisation in Maharashtra.

The Mumbai unit’s all district units stand dissolved. Mumbai units President Rashid Azim was instructed to restructure the entire Mumbai unit and confirm the same to the state president and to the Head Office in Delhi.

The members were asked to work hard to achieve the Milli Concil’s objective through cooperation and coordination with other like minded NGOs.

As a priority, it was suggested that the task to update and registration of voter list to be taken urgently with cooperation from different organisations.

Through this communique it is made clear that, henceforth, the newly elected office bearers will only represent All India MilliCouncil in Mumbai and the entire state.

However, the old members will continue to be part of the organisation and the organisation expects their continued support.

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