About Us

Dear Readers,

Since the dawn of the Internet, the role of journalists and the state of the media have been in a constant state of flux. With so much information available to the public with just the click of a mouse or a tap on your smart phone Social media has transformed the way journalists work, It is important to note that social media is not rep lacing print media, but they are adding another layer of information to existing news sources. One of the greatest positives of social media for journalists is the way that it has the power to engage with greater audiences. Social media is able to move information quickly among a large group of people, and can provide a valuable two-way engagement with the audience, changing significantly how journalists talk to their audiences and listen to the audience’s response. This can mean that local news is able to transform into international news very quickly as social media has the power to transfer information across the world instantaneously.
The principle of “Aamna Samna Media Network” humanity & the prosperity of the nation and society. Its aim is to create an environment where each and every one of us live with peace and harmony and a better nation and better society is developed. “Aamna Samna” is the part of this movement.
“Aamna Samna” is not only a news portal but it will work for keeping the secular fabric of India infact. it is not only a news portal for newspaper website but it is a way of transmission of facts & truth which will improve the society and social lifestyle. “Aamna Samna” is a movement against the paid media, biased news and “Communal media” which is polarizing the society. “Aamna Samna” is a movement against the elements which encourage culture of bribes, blackmailing, rapes, drugs, black-marketing and the atrocities. “Aamna Samna” will prove itself against the evils “In sha Allah”.
“All praise to Almighty” At this critical time, we are very baseless but started this movement in the world despite the lack of equipment and resources. This success is impossible without the cooperation of all of you. This is our humble request to pray for the success of this movement.

Chief Editor
Media Network