CongRSS is responsible for BJP Win. How? Shamsher khan Pathan President Awami Vikas Party.

Report by : Shahin patel Aamna Samna Media

1.After 2018 Karnataka Assembly result there was hope of “Mahagathbandhan” at national level to defeat BJP. Every opposition party agreed.

  1. Thereafter in 5 Assembly poll Rajasthan,MP,36Gadh,Mizoram and Telangana, CongRSS went alone and didn’t accommodate SP BSP and as a result CongRSS won 3 major states with slender margin, which sent strong signal to unite.
  2. CongRSS didn’t take any initiative to bring all opposition parties on one plateform.
  3. In UP is almost finished and due to fear of defeat Pappu went to Kerala to win election.
  4. In UP , SP BSP tried to give 8 to 10 seats to CongRSS . But they refused and though knowing they will not win 2 seats, they fielded candidates all over and brought Priyanka to damage secular vote. Though CongRSS should have left UP to SP BSP to defeat BJP. But BJP acted “Perfect B team of BJP” and damaged SP BSP and help BJP.
  5. In West Bengal Mamta was giving good fight to BJP and she should have been allowed to fight BJP alone. But CongRSS fielded candidates all over and damaged Mamta.
  6. In Rajasthan , MP Gujrat 36gadh CongRSS didn’t accommodate SP BSP and completely wiped out.
  7. In Maharashtra Prakash Ambedkar’s Vanchhit Aghadi demande 12 defeated seats but egoistic CongRSS didn’t agreed and completely wiped out.
  8. I Odisha, Navin Patnaik was going well and was fighting BJP. But CongRSS went there and helped BJP to win.
  9. In Delhi there was not a single MLA of CongRSS and Kejriwal was with 67 MLA. Kejriwal should have been allowed to contest all 7 seats. But CongRSS fielded all candidates and helped BJP to win all seats.
  10. In Assam AIUDF offered full support to CongRSS except 3 winning seats. But CongRSS refused offers and gave strong candidates against AIUDF. AIUDF won 2 seats but CongRSS loss heavily.
  11. CongRSS never demanded Ballot paper voting nor liasoned properly with all opposition parties and indirectly helped BJP to come in power.
    Hence CongRSS is responsible for win of BJP.
    Now in coming Vidhan sabha election, CongRSS must be completely wiped out to make alternate option to fight BJP in future as CongRSS is the party of Eunuch now.
    Create our own leadership instead of becoming slaves of Eunuch.

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