To hell with #DeMonetisation

By : MB.Qasmi

Remember the long ques on banks, police lathis, farmers agony, businesses and jobs losses, pain and chaos, besides death of 100+ innocent people and 2.25 lakh crore of total GDP loss. The RBI alone spent 8000 crores to print new notes. Now the RBI says nearly 100 (99.3) percent 500 and 1000 rupee notes are back in the bank.

Remember he said, “Give me only 50 days and if I am proven wrong then… (Please complete the sentence from your memory).

I am really very angry now. He is outright proven wrong without an iota of doubt. He has cheated us and fooled the Nation. My family is a major victim besides irreparable national damages in cash and kind.

My cousin brother’s marriage was on 10th November. All hell fell down on us following his jumlabazi on 8th evening when we were busy preparing things for final execution.

I reached home in Karimganj, Assam from Mumbai with children on 7th November. My brother came from Delhi with his family and children one day before. We had already withdrawn required cash for marriage from banks by then which the next morning became an issue itself.

All our happiness reduced to finding for troubleshooting means. Nobody from big caterers to jewellers to small and local sweet shop owners was ready to accept high value notes. It was a big big problem without a way out. We were tense. We suffered, our ceremony suffered, everyone from children to elders were pained because of this hell, the #DeMonetisation sickness. Now it is proven to be one of the biggest jokes of human history!

Who will repay for our suffering? Why was this madness done? Where are the #blackmoney? Who is responsible for all these national losses? Who is responsible for all those innocent lives?
Isn’t it the biggest scam in Indian history?
Is there anybody who can hear us please!

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