BJP  to encash SC verdict in election. Road for for 2019

BY  Abdul hafiz lakhani    Ahmedabad 
This is just a coincidence, but such a coincidence in politics is very important. The decisions taken by the Supreme Court on three pronouncements have come at a time when BJP has declared a ‘Mission 360’ conclave of 2019 elections. Party President Amit Shah has started to tighten the pen from the organization to his own governments. The Supreme Court’s decision on the three pronouncements is an opportunity for BJP to please its core warters. When the party has a chance to alter the anti-minority image.
The issue of three takas was not limited to prevention of Muslim women from avoiding a social evil, but the issue of polarization of Hindu votes  was also hidden behind it. Due to this, the issue has received the edges when there are no state assembly elections. The way the BJP showed mood before coming to the decision, it was clear that in coming days, there will be a problem for the country’s issue. It is believed that the party has had the opportunity to please its core voters, who criticized the party for not taking a step on the issue of common civil code.
A big feature of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s BJP has become that it forces every opposition to bring back the backfight on their own. Modi and Amit Shah in the three-point-of-view issue have made this today. Before the Supreme Court took this decision, when the BJP was raising the issue, the opposition accused him of interfering in the personal law board. But after the verdict of the Supreme Court, the opposition parties also welcomed.
Congress is advising the BJP not to take credit, but the policies are only on credit. Congress can not stop even taking credit for BJP. The BJP has raised the issue of three divorces very aggressively. Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about preventing atrocities on Muslim women on public platforms. He also raised a lot of questions about the abuse that took place on him. When the Supreme Court has given the same ruling on this issue, it becomes the right to be credited.
Congress did not express its views on this issue, while Congress was silent when debate was going on in this issue across the country. However, after the verdict of the Supreme Court, the party welcomed it. On the basis of minority votebank, local parties such as SP and BSP, which were in power, kept themselves away from debate like three tabloid-like issues. After the decision came, the CPI said that the government is not a religion or community, it should consider the change in all personal laws. It is not wrong to say that the parties, accused of interfering in the personal law on the Central Government, are facing the Supreme Court’s verdict.
BJP’s image has been established as a party which is away from Muslims. There is one such event after 2014 which has sent a message out of the country that Muslims are living under fear in India, but the BJP has always been blaming the allegations. The party says that it does not discriminate against any citizen on religious grounds. Whatever the party’s political purpose behind the three talaqs, but the party has now got the chance that she can say that no party has the courage to stop the injustice done to women in Muslim society for so many years. This work has been done by the BJP.
After the victory in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP claimed that they got women’s vote of Muslim community. There is no official evidence of the continuity of this. But the BJP is confident that the party support base has increased during and after the assembly elections. Now the confidence of the party has become stronger after this decision of the Supreme Court. BJP is confident that this decision will harm the Samajwadi Party, BSP and Bihar in the RJD.
Due to the incidents of violence committed by alleged Gau rakshaks in the past few days, the anti-minority image of the party has once again strengthened. The present leadership of the party believes that Hindu society is the center point of culture of India. However, nowadays Modi’s switching hit is the biggest challenge for the opposition parties. Switching skills means playing a poly trick stroke by changing the issue.

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